An orphaned musk ox calf is the newest arrival at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - There's a new arrival at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Meet Athena, the orphaned musk ox calf.

Athena the baby muskox

Athena is a two-week-old calf who came to the center from outside Deadhorse.

She had been alone for a full week after her mom and sibling were killed by a grizzly bear. The department of transportation found foxes chasing Athena and rescued her.

They contacted the Department of Fish and Game, who helped get Athena to her new home at the conservation center.

Despite being a newborn, and the amount of time she spent alone in the elements, people at the conservation center say she's healthy and doing great.

"When she came in, she was totally alert and aware. Se immediately wanted to suckle, which was a really cool sign to see, because typically, if they've been alone like she has, she's been alone for a week without mom, they usually don't come in that spry and ready to eat and awake. So that was really encouraging," says Sarah Howard, curator for the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Athena is the first rescue of the season for the wildlife conservation center.

Her full name is Athena Mini Ming Won after the DOT employee who helped spot her.