Anchorage Assembly approves a $521 million budget

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Tuesday night the Anchorage Assembly approved a $521 million budget.

Under property tax, homeowners will be paying about $130 less in property tax compared to last year.

A new gas tax was passed, 10-cents-per-gallon proposed by Mayor Ethan Berkowitz to help fund city services.

An amendment that was brought forward was money to clean up homeless camps in Anchorage.

"There are some of those camps that never go away it is a permanent homestead so they would like to see some of the money not to fight homeless housing but to clean up homeless camps," Dick Traini, Anchorage Assembly Chair said.

The Anchorage Assembly approved $170,000 toward Parks and Rec to help clean up homeless camps.

Mayor Berkowitz proposed a half million dollar initiate to help solve the homeless issues in Alaska. Funding would go toward working with homeless people with mental illness or brain injury, overflow in homeless shelters and housing for homeless elderly.

Adding funding for the Loussac Library was denied.
Under the initial amendment, the Loussac Library would be going from 64 hours to 45 hours a week. Under the original budget, the library would reduce its hours on Sundays. The Assembly later passed an additional $125,000 to the Library.

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