Anchorage Assembly handles a bit of everything at Tuesday's regular meeting

A line of at least 20 people at public testimony on the Assembly's ordinance that would create prohibited trapping zones within the Municipality.

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The Anchorage Assembly had a busy night at its regular meeting Tuesday evening. Here are some of the topics they covered, as well as action taken:


- Resolution No. AR 2019-161, a resolution of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly recognizing May 10, 2019 as Police Memorial Day and an opportunity for remembering and honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our community,

- Resolution No. AR 2019-165, a resolution of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly recognizing May 15th as Hmong-American Veterans Memorial Day in Anchorage,

- Resolution No. AR 2019-174, a resolution of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly designating 2019 as International Year of the Salmon,

Ordinances for Introduction (no action taken):

- Ordinance No. AO 2019-66, an ordinance of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly making technical corrections to Municipal Marijuana Licensing and allowing on-site consumption of edible marijuana products at licensed, freestanding retail marijuana stores that have a Municipal Endorsement,

- Ordinance No. AO 2019-67, an ordinance of the Anchorage Assembly amending Anchorage Municipal Codes to establish land use regulations for on-site consumption of marijuana endorsements associated with a Marijuana Retail Sales Establishment; and waiving review of these amendments by the Planning and Zoning Commission,

- Resolution No. AR 2019-158, a resolution of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly adopting the “Anchorage Climate Action Plan” and the “Municipality of Anchorage Climate Action Strategy,”

Old Business and Unfinished Action on Public Hearing Items:

- Ordinance No. AO 2019-51(S), an ordinance prohibiting the use of a cell phone or mobile communication device by drivers in active school zones or on school grounds, except for hands-free, voice only use, and amending Anchorage Municipal Code Chapters 9.28, Serious Traffic Offenses, and 9.48, Penalties and Procedure on Arrest.
Result: Assembly members are still divided on how to make this ordinance cohesive with existing traffic laws. Members voted 8 to 2, with 1 abstaining, to go back to committee and return with a more specific amendment at the Assembly’s next meeting May 21.

The Assembly took up continued public hearing on a very controversial issue in Anchorage -- dividing game trappers and public trail users who own pets -- an ordinance that would establish prohibited trapping zones within 50 yards of developed or public use trails.

Well over 20 people packed into the Assembly Chambers to testify.

Tom Lessard, a trapper out of Chugiak, argued that since trapping season is in hiatus, the Assembly shouldn’t rush a vote without first taking the issue to the Board of Game.

"We think there would be a good chance of success before the Board of Game,” Lessard said. “Because, if the trappers support whatever you're trying to do, then I think that would lend a lot of weight to your desire here."

Anchorage resident Rick Steiner disagreed, arguing that trapping near Municipal trails is a public safety issue that needs to be handled by the city.

"The Board of Game is not the appropriate venue to handle a city municipal public safety issue,” Steiner said. “That's what this is."

The Assembly had not finished debating the trapping ordinance in time for publication at 10:30 p.m.

You can visit the Municipality's website for a list of final actions, when they become available.

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