Anchorage Police officers named for shooting, killing suspected 'prowler'

The scene of a officer shooting that left a suspect dead. Photo by KTUU's Mike Nederbrock.
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - While police say that the investigation into a shooting that left one man dead is still ongoing, the names of the officers who reportedly shot him have been released.

According to a statement issued by the Anchorage Police Department, those officers are Steven Amnatkeolee, Brandon Schafer, Kyle Haskins, and Matthew Choate.

All four of the officers opened fire on March 7, shooting and killing 23-year-old Dylan Aikey. According to APD Chief Justin Doll, Aikey first fired at the officers, before they returned fire, killing him.

Doll said officers arrived after 2 a.m., canvassing the area to find a suspect that, earlier in the night, had been reported by a resident as someone trying to break into their vehicle. Doll said that person chased the suspect away, and then called 911.

When officers found the suspect, Doll said the suspect "fired at our officers, and our officers returned fire." The interaction was "very short," Doll said, lasting less than 2 minutes.

"I believe the officers were giving the suspect commands, and he was not complying," Doll said.