Anchorage authorities recover 16 lbs of meth from stuffed animals

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Investigators charged a man involved in an alleged drug trafficking operation between California and Alaska. Authorities had intercepted large shipments of methamphetamine coming into Anchorage via the postal service.

In the recovered packages, stuffed animals were found filled with meth and sewn shut, and they may be connected to previous arrests for meth shipping in Anchorage.

Victor Somsy was contacted by police, as the packages were addressed to his home on Wildrose Court in Anchorage. Police say he admitted involvement during initial questioning, but said that he was working for another man, Cheng Saechao, who had previously been arrested for a similar crime in town.

A report filed by a task force officer with the Drug Enforcement Administration in Anchorage states that law enforcement intercepted two parcels, one on Aug. 24, and one on Oct. 19, both of which tested positive for meth.

The combined weight of the two intercepted parcels amounted to 16 pounds, authorities say. In the bust made on Saechao, in which 10 pounds of meth were recovered, authorities estimated the street value of that weight to be around $1 million, making Somsy's combined parcels worth upwards of $1.6 million.

"Somsy stated in essence, he was involved in a drug trafficking conspiracy (agreement) with Cheng Saechao, wherein Somsy would provide Saechao with addresses for parcels to be shipped, then receive those parcels, hold the parcels for several days and later deliver the parcels to Saechao for distribution," the report says.

Investigators say Somsy changed his story several times, at first saying that he never opened the packages, but believed them to contain marijuana. Later, he admitted to opening them.

Somsy allegedly told police that he had been "catching" these packages for some time, with at least seven similar shipments coming in from California during 2017. It was not stated how much methamphetamine these additional packages contained.

Somsy faces charges of conspiracy to possess and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

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