Anchorage real estate leaders optimistic about 2018

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Anchorage business leaders in real estate met downtown for the 2018 Commercial Real Estate Forecast Luncheon, on Friday.

The goal of the luncheon, hosted by Anchorage's Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), was to educate property owners and building managers on what changes to expect this year, so everyone can modify their business plans accordingly. BOMA focused on discussing market conditions and companies closing their doors, which leaves behind many empty buildings.

While BOMA's vice president, Kevin Campbell, says job loss is concerning – especially in the wake of the closure of Sam's Club – he also states that it may not be bad for retailers looking to do business in Anchorage.

"It would make available additional square footage in the market place, which of course is already competing for space that's already vacant," explained Campbell. "So it would basically provide more supply, and it could ultimately affect rates, as well as revenues, for property owners."

Campbell adds that there are new retailers and companies expected to come to Anchorage and do business.

Additionally, BOMA says that last year was a better year than many predicted. And Campbell concludes that he's optimistic about 2018, overall.

KTUU's Samantha Angaiak contributed to this report.