Anchorage camper films trooper shooting black bear with a bean bag round

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A young black bear strolled into the campsites at Centennial Park Sunday before Alaska Wildlife Troopers needed to usher it away with multiple non-lethal bean bag rounds.

James Farland filmed the the bear exploring the campsite and sniffing around the fire pit. He said troopers initially threw a log at the bear as it tried to enter an unzipped tent.

Seconds later troopers shot the bear with a non-lethal round.

A second shot was needed but the bear wasn't gone for long. Farland says around 90 minutes later it reappeared scaring a group of women who fled into a nearby car.

It eventually walked away but the campground host and Farland feared it may eventually return.

"This incident is a good reminder for people to keep clean campsites," said Megan Peters, a spokesperson with AST. "Food and other food waste should be appropriately stored or disposed of so wild animals, such as bears, don’t come around looking for an easy meal."