Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Opposes Prop 1

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Often referred to as the "bathroom bill," proposition one is being opposed by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

Proposition one would require that a person only use a bathroom or locker room, "on the basis of sex at birth, rather than gender identity."

Art Clark, The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Legislative co-chair said the board of directors voted unanimously to oppose proposition one.

"We are still in need of a lot of diversity in our business community and I can't see having an issue, an ordinance like this on the books that kind of flies the face of diversity is beneficial," said Clark.

Clark said initiates like proposition one that have passed in other states have negatively impacted tourism in those states.

"There is a strong possibility that we might have events that would be interested in relocating because of that (prop one) and we could see similar concerns right here in Alaska," said Clark.

Jim Minnery with the Alaska Family Council, did not respond for comment.

In an interview two weeks ago on the issue, Minnery said proposition one is about protecting privacy.

"For those businesses and groups that want to open up their facilities for anybody that identifies for whatever gender they want that particular day they can do that," said Minnery. "But we just think that businesses and churches and groups should have the right to segregate based on the way things have always been.

The issue will be up to the voters to decide in the municipal election.
The election is a vote by mail election, the last day to cast ballots is April 3rd.

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