Anchorage enters “extreme drought” for the first time

Anchorage drops into Extreme Drought for the first time ever.

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Drought conditions worsened in Anchorage in the past week moving the region from Severe drought to Extreme drought for the first time on record.

Area of the Kenai Peninsula have shifted from Moderate drought conditions to Severe drought in the past week.

According to the Drought Monitor, 63 percent of the population remains under drought conditions.

Anchorage saw a record dry month in June with only .06 inches of rain. Only .8 inches of rain fell in July, which is more than one inch below normal for the month. Only a trace of precipitation has been recorded in August so far. This puts Anchorage more than four inches below normal for the summer but only 2.24 inches below normal for the year, partially due to a record wet May.

In the Interior, the drought conditions have improved going from Moderate drought conditions in July with only one area in the northeast Interior still under abnormally dry conditions.

The drought monitor goes back to 2000.

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