Anchorage health department cites hotel for cockroaches, bedbugs

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The Anchorage health department cited the Black Angus Inn Tuesday for failing to exterminate pests and failure to properly maintain and clean rooms following a recent KTUU report.

Anchorage Environmental Health Program Manager Shelley Griffith said an inspector found evidence of cockroaches and bed bugs and has called on the 64-room hotel to hire exterminators. A follow-up inspection is planned for next month.

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The inspection marks only the third time this year that the city has inspected a hotel for pests, Griffith said. Inspections are driven by complaints, but in this case city officials saw a Friday report that focused on the liquor licensing issue, including a reporter’s stay at the Black Angus that also revealed the presence of pests and possible health violations.

“Most of the (residents) were reluctant to acknowledge a pest issue in their rooms, fearing that they may be evicted,” the inspector wrote.

Griffith said the city does not have the resources to routinely inspect every hotel in the city, but is committed to looking into reports of safety violations. Complaints can be made by calling 343-4200.

The hotel’s owner and manager have not responded to multiple requests for comment. A man working at the front desk who identified himself as the assistant manager said he was glad to see the original news story highlighting pests in the hotel because he lives on the property with his family and believed it would prompt a cleanup.

Inspectors wrote that detached or non-functional smoke detectors were discovered in three of the 12 rooms inspected.

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