Anchorage homeowners restrain burglary suspect, hold him at gunpoint until police arrive

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ANCHORAGE One man is in custody following an attempted burglary gone wrong, where the residents at the home actually made a citizen's arrest, detaining him until police arrived.

The suspect, Michael Parsons, 22, was trying to break into a residential home on the 1300 block of Nunaka Drive, according to MJ Thim, spokesperson with the Anchorage Police Department.

Thim said that he was attempting to either pick the lock or otherwise break in through a back door when the homeowners were alerted to what was going on.

At that point, they were able to restrain him, taping his limbs together so he could not move. In a Facebook post made by Rod Weaver Jr., displaying a photo of the accused, he wrote, "[APD] liked my gorilla tape hog tie!"

When police arrived, they found the suspect on the ground, held at gunpoint by the home owners. After conducting an investigation at the scene, APD determined that the story was legitimate, and arrested Parsons for first degree burglary.

No injuries were reported to any of the home owners. It was not known if Parsons sustained injuries.

Thim said that there was no damage done to the home while Parsons was "caught in the act trying to break into their home."

As to whether or not APD recommends private citizens taking matters into their own hands with similar citizens arrest-type actions, MJ said safety is more important.

"While we really appreciate the public's assistance in helping us solve crime, we don't want the public to put themselves in danger," Thim said. "That's what police officers are trained to do."

Thim said the circumstances are always varied, and while Parsons was not armed, he easily could have been. "You don't know if the suspect's armed, there's a lot of questions surrounding that, so the best course of action is to call 911 immediately," Thim said.