The Municipality of Anchorage is looking to fill a $2 million dollar gap in 2019 budget

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) — Anchorage is looking to make $5.9 million dollars in reductions to department budgets for FY 2019 in an attempt to avoid layoffs.

'We still have a bit of a deficit, a gap in there about $2 million dollars," said Lance Wilber, Anchorage Office of Management and Budget Director.

It won't be easy to fill that gap either. The muni is still waiting to learn if there's a multi-million dollar deficit left over from 2017, a question that will hopefully be answered through an audit, the results of which are expected to be presented in November.

Wilber said that no jobs will be cut from either the police or fire departments, but overtime for APD will likely be reduced by $1.5 million.

"Over the years we've supported public safety and grown their force over the last three years," said Wilber, "And while we've grown their force the amount of overtime that they're going to incur is going to be a little bit less."

Wilber said the city is looking to find savings of between $5-6 million dollars in department reductions through attrition and possibly even closing a fire department engine.

Anchorage residents will also have to weigh whether a proposed $55 million dollars worth of bonds for things like public safety, parks, facility maintenance, and transit projects will be worth a vote of support.

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