UPDATE: Victim of midnight beating identified

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A 53-year-old Anchorage man, Gilbert Dugaqua, was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter for causing the death of his roommate over a fight that started from an alleged assault of Dugaqua's girlfriend.

The victim has been named as Teodoro F. Bedan, 59. Police say next-of-kin have been notified.

According to the charging document, Dugaqua and his roommate of three months had gone out drinking on the night of Oct. 2 at the Timeout Lounge and had shared two pitchers of beer, amounting to about six beers each.

Dugaqua allegedly told officers that he doesn't remember exactly what happened thereafter, but he arrived home at some point to find his girlfriend beaten and lying on the bed. His girlfriend then allegedly told Dugaqua that his roommate had assaulted her.

That's when the two men started to "wrestle," according to what Dugaqua told the police. Dugaqua told police that he had used his hands and feet in the assault.

Anchorage Police Department dispatchers received a call from Duguqua just after midnight on Oct. 3 in which he told them that his roommate had beat up his girlfriend.

He then passed the phone to his assaulted girlfriend, and the dispatcher heard Dugaqua say "I think I killed him."

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Dugaqua outside of the apartment with his body and clothing covered in what appeared to be blood. They also found the victim lying in the apartment unconscious, not breathing, without a heartbeat, and with severe facial trauma. Shortly thereafter, the victim was pronounced dead.

In the charging documents, Dugaqua told police that his roommate had "deserved to be beaten because he had 'beat a woman.'"

An initial investigation by police showed that the injuries that the roommate had were "inconsistent with only a few punches or kicks" that Dugaqua had described, and a search of the room revealed a four-foot closet rod with a "large amount of blood transfer on it."

Charging documents suggest that Dugaqua "seemed surprised" when he was told that he had killed his roommate and told a detective that he didn't intend to kill him.

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