Anchorage paper delivery man stabbed 'multiple times,' continued to deliver papers, police say

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - In a bizarre turn of events, detectives uncovered the victim of a stabbing altercation despite the fact that the man, who was stabbed repeatedly, did not contact police or go to a hospital for treatment.

In fact, police say, he didn't even stop doing his job - delivering newspapers.

According to a community report by APD spokesperson MJ Thim, the first time police were alerted to the case was when residents found bloody newspapers, as well as a trail of blood down hallways and stairwells inside an apartment complex on the 5300 block of East 4th Ave.

The man who left the blood there, police say, was delivering newspapers, and he didn't stop delivering those newspapers, despite being stabbed multiple times.

He didn't call police or go to a hospital, and initially was unable to explain what happened to him after police traced apartment surveillance footage back to him in an effort to understand who left the trail of blood.

Investigators that arrived at his home found him, injured and bleeding, and unable or unwilling to explain how he was assaulted.

Paramedics who inspected the man's injuries initially thought that he had been bitten by dogs, Thim said. Doctors at a nearby hospital then discovered they were stab wounds.

The victim told police later on that he was "assaulted by three white males in the area of 4th Avenue and Capricorn Circle," but continued on his bike route, delivering papers. After he finished that task, he simply went home.

"We don't know why he didn't call 911," Thim said. "That's one of our biggest questions right now."

Now, the investigation is turning to what specifically happened between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. at 4th and Capricorn. APD is asking for anyone in that area who may have information or, better, surveillance footage, to come forward.

This story is still developing. Check back here for updates.

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