Anchorage police warn of 'heinous' child sex video circulating Facebook

Photo: Beyond Borders
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Police in Anchorage are warning city residents not to share or even view a video that is circulating social media, the video in question features the sexual abuse of a child.

In a community alert issued Tuesday morning by the Anchorage Police Department, authorities stated, "There is a heinous video being shared on Facebook and other social media platforms involving child sexual abuse."

"Most people are sharing it with good intentions to catch those involved and help the victim. However, sharing the video and/or viewing it is a crime," APD wrote in the alert.

The video itself is part of an ongoing investigation in Alabama, not Alaska, APD said. Owing to this, it is being investigated by Alabama's child crime unit, and APD is asking Alaskans not to share the video.

An arrest has been made in Alabama regarding this case Tuesday morning. APD is asking anyone who encounters the video to flag it and report it to the social media site it is found on.