Anchorage residents celebrate Independence Day a little differently this year

Published: Jul. 4, 2020 at 10:24 PM AKDT
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On July 4 last year, the Delaney Park Strip had not only an independence day celebration, but a

But on July 4, 2020, the strip was a bit quieter. Concerns over the coronavirus have stopped most large gatherings this year, but Aaskans found other ways to spend their day off.

One of the events still going on in Anchorage this year is the downtown market on Saturdays, which just so happens to fall on the fourth this year. The owner of the Anchorage Market, Michael Fox, said that helped bump up foot traffic on what has been a slow year.

“Customer foot traffic has actually been quite a bit better this weekend than it has in the past,” he said. “I think some of that we have to thank not only the holiday weekend, but this amazing weather we have."

That weather certainly drew a crowd, as did the lack of other Fourth of July events, but Fox added that that's not necessarily good for the market in the long-term.

“It's good to have that competition,” he said. “It's a healthy competition for us because it gives the vendors the opportunity to make more income; the more income they have, the more events they can participate in."

And while foot traffic was better, it's still not what it was before the pandemic. So then, where was everyone else?

In classic alaskan form, some of them hit the rivers.

“Today, just taking it easy and bringing my son out to do a little fishing," said Chad Gleaton, who was out fishing on Ship Creek Saturday.

Fishing is its own Independence Day tradition, but on Saturday it attracted anglers, like Gleaton, who might normally be doing something else.

“Probably doing some celebrating. something, you know, fireworks, or another barbecue, friends family, stuff like that," he said when asked what he’d be doing on any other year.

So, while freedom ang a little differently in Anchorage this year, you could still hear it, all the same.

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