Anchorage set two heat records on Thursday

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - According to the National Weather Service, Anchorage set two heat records on Thursday.

The first was a daily record. Anchorage reached 77 degrees yesterday, besting the previous record of 76 set 35 years ago.

Anchorage also just bested a record already set in 2019 yesterday, by reaching ten consecutive days of 75 degree plus weather. The previous record was nine consecutive days set in July of 2019. That puts us at a running total of 29 days this year of temperatures topping out 75 degrees or greater.

Finally, NWS says that Anchorage has now exceeded the cumulative total of all days recorded from 1952 to 2018 in which the average temperature for the day exceeded 70 degrees in this summer alone. Anchorage has experienced seven such days; the previous data showed a total of six days over a half century.

So don't feel bad if you've been complaining about the heat.

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