Anchorage taxi driver robbed at gun point, beaten, and put in cab's trunk

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Late Thursday night, an Anchorage cab driver drove through downtown and under the A Street bridge. He had been dispatched to help a man who said he locked himself out of his vehicle in the Ulu Factory parking lot on Ship Creek Avenue.

When the cab driver arrived, however, he didn't assist a stranded driver. Instead, he was attacked, police say.

The call to authorities came in at 10:15 on Mar. 22. A cab driver told them he was robbed and beaten by two individuals, while a third was nearby.

According to APD, the driver arrived in the area and was flagged down by a group of people. He got out of his cab and opened up his trunk. "That is when a male and female pushed him inside," police wrote in a community alert.

The driver was then beaten while inside the trunk, choked, and finally brought face to face with a handgun produced by the male suspect. The other involved in the beating is believed to be female, police say due to their voice.

The driver had his wallet, cash, and cell phone stolen. Police say the driver would have been locked inside his own trunk, however when the trunk was slammed shut by the suspects, the victim's legs were in the way of the latch.

The driver reportedly was able to crawl out of the back of his own trunk, just in time to see the suspects leave the scene in a blue or black sedan.

The man is believed to be in his early 20's, either Black or Hispanic in race. The other suspect, a woman, had no other description. A third suspect was present, police said, however they did not come in direct contact with the victim.

The driver reportedly sustained visible injuries, and was evaluated by emergency medical personnel.