Anchorage teen arrested in armed pawn store robbery, left blood at the scene

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - One man has been arrested for his involvement in an armed robbery in late April of this year. During that robbery, the man and his two accomplices stole cash and weapons, firing shots as they did so.

According to federal charges, Terrance Kaleo Paleka, 18, was arrested on May 8 and hit with federal charges of using force to interfere with interstate commerce. That decision was reached as the firearms were "made outside the state of Alaska," prosecutors said.

Another man, Jasten Fujishiro, was also arrested with Paleka, related to an APD stolen vehicle investigation. Fujishiro was in possession of one of the stolen Cash America weapons, and later charged in state court records with armed robbery.

The federal document did not identify Fujishiro as being involved in the Cash America robbery, but court records show he was booked on May 9, charged with stealing firearms as well as the armed robbery charges, consistent with what happened at Cash America.

The case stems from that robbery of the Cash America pawn store on Fireweed at around 7:40 p.m. on April 24.

In that case, three masked and armed men stormed the store, smashed display cabinets, fired shots, and stole jewelry and guns.

In addition to the armed robbery charges, which have not yet been filed but are expected, the federal charge of affecting commerce will potentially mean more jail time for Paleka.

Federal investigators with the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Bureau (ATF) got involved because the robbery included the theft of eight guns; seven were hand guns, and one was an assault style rifle. 34 pieces of jewelry were also taken.

Officers made the arrest earlier this week on May 8. Not only was Paleka captured on video camera, but in a report filed by a special agent with ATF, authorities say Paleka also left blood at the scene.

This happened when Paleka, holding a handgun, smashed into a glass case, cutting himself. In the ATF agent's report, the camera captured Paleka smashing that case, as well as pointing his gun "directly at the employees and several customers, while committing the robbery."

Paleka was arrested and later admitted to the crime, stating that he knew he would be caught because his DNA was at the scene of the crime.

The other two people with Paleka have not yet been identified. According to the report, Paleka confessed that the robbery was his idea, and that he went to the store two times before the robbery to "scope it out." However, he stopped short at saying who helped him commit the crime.

"Paleka then enlisted the other two suspects to help him, but would not identify who his co-conspirators were," the ATF agent wrote.

Paleka is currently listed in the online court database for state charges, however those are pending.

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