And they're off: Iditasport Ultra Marathon 2018

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WILLOW, Alaska (KTUU) - Catch the start of the Iditasport Human-Powered Ultra Marathon in Willow, on Feb. 19.

(Photo by Shawn Wilson / KTUU)

Racers will travel 1,000 miles to Nome by skiing, biking or running, along the same routes as the Northern Iditarod trail and the Iron Dog Race route – no more than 35 miles apart.

While racers will be supplied with electronic spot locators and 10-pound drop bags, the winter adventurers will be tested as they race against extreme shifts in the weather, elevation gain and loss and each other.

The racers must also complete their different races within these time frames:

• The Iditasport 100K must be completed in 30 hours.
• The Iditasport Original must be completed in 5 days. (Halfway Mark – Racers must be out of Shell Lake Lodge by 60 hours.)
• The Iditasport Extreme to McGrath must be completed in 12 days.
• The Iditasport Impossible to Nome must be completed in 35 days.

In 2013, Iditasport Race Director Billy Koitzsch was the first – and so far only – racer who completed the Iditasport Odyssey route, which is an additional 1,000 miles from Nome to Fairbanks. It took him 40 days to compete the total 2,000 mile journey.

According to the Iditasport Race Headquarters, nobody is racing the 2,000 mile Iditasport Odyssey route this year.

To learn more information about race checkpoints, click here.

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