Another Human Rights Commission member resigns over bumper sticker controversy

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Yet another member of the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights has resigned following an investigation into a truck with a "Black Rifles Matter" bumper sticker, and how the commission's director reacted to it.

The Acting Director of the commission, Sarah Monkton, submitted her letter of resignation, making her the fourth member of the commission to resign following the initial fallout caused by the bumper sticker investigation.

In her resignation, Monkton said, "It has been my pleasure and my honor to work for the Commission alongside its truly dedicated and professional staff."

No mention of the controversy was made by Monkton, but Alaska House Republicans said on Facebook that it came "following the House Republicans' expanded inquiry into the organization's actions."

The actions in question happened when then-executive director of the commission, Marti Buscaglia, left her business card and note about an “offensive sticker” on a truck parked in a lot outside the state building. The sticker showed a tactical rifle and the phrase “Black Rifles Matter.”

Gov. Mike Dunleavy then had the Dept. of Law investigate the post, which resulted in Buscaglia apologizing, and resigning.

Commission Chair Brandon Nakasato submitted his resignation effective May 1, to allow the commission to elect a new chairperson. Freddie R. Olin IV, the commission’s vice chair, also submitted his resignation effective May 1.

In addition to leaving a note on the truck, the Alaska Human Rights Commission posted a photo of the sticker on its official Facebook page, adding, “In what world is this OK?”

Brent Linegar, owner of the truck and a contractor who was working on the building at the time, took to social media to defend himself.

He said he was going to let the note slide until he saw the photo of his truck on Facebook, and heard that the owner of the building had been contacted, and had been asked not to work with him because of the sticker.

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