Art you want to eat on installed at Fire Station 9

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ANCHORAGE, (KTUU) A large piece of artwork arrived at Fire Station 9 Friday after a long journey from Ohio. The 12 x 4 foot canvas includes a satellite image of the Anchorage area and a foundation that incorporates the station number, it’s also a kitchen table.

“The design challenge was make something that was a functional sculpture or a functional object so it kind of oscillates between the two,” said artist Sean Mercer who oversaw the table’s installation.

Underneath durable safety glass are two perpendicular feet, bridged by pipes, the artist says refers to the transportation of water. A large number nine helps to stabilize the table.

“I did make a little plywood model just to see how stable it would be and I needed a foot to help stabilize it and so I played around with a couple of designs and I thought a circle because it related to the pipe caps and things like that.”

Mercer says the project took around nine months to complete and is paid for as part of the new fire stations allotted one percent for art.

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