Assembly bans vaping in Town Square, approves alcohol treatment incentive

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ANCHORAGE, KTUU More than a month after an ordinance seeking to ban “vaping” in the Anchorage Town Square Park failed to pass, it was reconsidered and approved Tuesday. The vote was 7-4 with Assembly members Patrick Flynn, Amy Demboski, Bill Evans, John Weddleton voting no.

A move by the city to track vacant residential and commercial lots and issue fines for non-compliance also passed. The ordinance seeks to eliminate eyesore buildings and magnets for crime.

The city must update punishment issued for minor offenses such a minor consuming alcohol to comply with the recently passed SB 91 crime reform bill. The Anchorage Assembly replaced a $500 first offense fine for a minor consuming with the option for a court to reduce the fee to $50 if the offender attends an alcohol treatment program.

“Sometimes in our youth we make mistakes and I think it’s unfortunate that sometime those mistakes track and stay with us for rest of our lives,” said Assembly Member Pete Peterson. The ordinance passed unanimously.

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