Anchorage Assembly approves bonds for April ballot including $50M for ASD

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - On Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 the Anchorage Assembly approved several bond packages that will be included on the April 3rd ballot for Anchorage voters at the regular municipal election.

The largest bond approved by the assembly was a $50,656,500 school bond.

The Anchorage School District bond would pay for the cost of capital improvement projects including: roof repairs or replacements at Birchwood, Homestead, North Star, Ptarmigan Elementary Schools and Mears Middle School.

Roof drainage system replacements at Kincaid, Northern Lights ABC, Bowman, Trailside, Russian Jack, Kasuun and Lake Hood Elementary Schools.

Fire and safety upgrades at Abbott Loop Elementary School, East High School Gym and Service High School, and planning and design projects for safety and code improvements at East High School.

If approved by voters during the municipal election a $10.20 tax increase would occur for each $100,000 of assessed real and personal property value.

The assembly approved a $3,650,000 bond for parks and trails within
the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Service Area.

That bond includes funding for playgrounds, parking, and repairs to the Campbell Creek Trail. Along with funding for construction of a bike park.

If the bond is passed it's an annual increase in taxes of 85 cents for each $100,000 of assessed taxable property value. Including a 56 cent increase in the municipal cap for maintenance.

Additional bonds on the ballot are listed below each is based on $100,000 of real property tax:

-$1,050,000 for the public safety facilities and related capital improvements in the Anchorage metropolitan service area with a 22 cent increase on property tax.

-$33,865,000 for Anchorage Road and maintenance with an $8.66 property tax increase.

-$2,588,000 Fire Protection Capital Improvements with a 56 cent property tax increase.

- $4,908,000 for Public Safety and transit improvements with a 99 cent property tax increase.

-$1,407,000 for area-wide facility improvements with a 28 cent property tax increase.

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