Author of 'Brown Report' testifies in termination trial, calls fired cop dishonest

Anchorage federal courthouse (KTUU)
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The author of a previously unreleased report known as the "Brown Report," named for Rick Brown, the city-hired, outside investigator who compiled it, testified in court in Anchorage on Monday.

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In his testimony, Brown was asked by city lawyer Douglas Parker about the details in the report, written years ago, as it referred to the current litigation filed by former Anchorage Police Lt. Anthony Henry.

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Henry was fired in April of 2015, months after the city received the 97-page report alleging Henry blew the cover of an undercover drug informant who worked as a recruiter in the Alaska National Guard and accusing Henry of dishonesty

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The trial began last month, with Henry claiming he was wrongfully terminated and retaliated against within the Anchorage Police Department, including the Brown Report itself.

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Brown, an outside investigator from Pennsylvania, traveled to Anchorage multiple times to conduct a deeper investigation into the National Guard scandal. Monday morning, he reaffirmed details laid out in the report as they pertained to Henry.

"I concluded, based on evidence gathered during the investigation, that [Henry] wasn't being credible about what occurred on these two dates," Brown said from the witness stand, referencing Henry's answers during questioning, which Brown argued completely contradicted the testimony of several other officials.

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Henry's attorneys are set to cross-examine Brown after the city rests later on Monday. Henry has argued the firing was retaliatory and that Brown's report is deeply flawed. Henry claims he was an Anchorage police officer who spoke out against unethical behavior and was retaliated against for doing so.

However, the city argues that Henry prematurely revealed details of a police investigation to Alaska National Guard commanders. Brown reaffirmed those details, saying that through the multiple interviews he conducted with Henry, he noticed one common thread.

"It's unnerving because it's misinformation, it gave me an uneasy feeling," Brown said in court Monday.

Brown said not only did Henry's story not fit with others he interviewed but when Brown confronted Henry about those contradictions, Henry didn't budge from his version of events. "It's concerning because it displays dishonesty," Brown said.

A lawyer on Henry's team said they intend to focus on email and text message exchanges and will argue that Brown's report was not independently conducted, and was yet another layer of the retaliation Henry suffered prior to his termination.

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