Authorities kill brown bear in Eagle River, remind residents to secure trash

ANCHORAGE, (KTUU) - A brown bear was killed in an Eagle River neighborhood on Tuesday after it was found going through trash.

Area management biologist Dave Battle with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game says law enforcement in the area received multiple calls about a brown bear in the area.

Battle says it happened in the area of Lee and Wildwood streets Tuesday morning. When authorities arrived they found the bear, which was unperturbed by humans.

“We have to act quickly,” Battle said, “We don’t wait and watch.”

After seeing that relocation wasn’t an option, authorities shot the bear.

Battle is reminding people to secure their trash cans, and Alaska Waste asks people not to leave their garbage out overnight. They also are giving bear-resistant 96-gallon carts for people in areas with high bear activity.

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