BBB gives consumers a warning on high tech holiday presents for children

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ANCHORAGE, Ak, KTUU Holiday shopping season is upon us, and it's this time of year when consumer watchdog groups tell shoppers to be extra careful not to get ripped off.

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This year, besides warnings about scams during the holiday shopping season, there's also a warning about a popular high tech gadget-- smart watches.

Channel 2's Maria Downey spoke with Sheron Patrick with the local better business bureau about what to watch out for.

"GPS connected smart watches are among a growing trend of devices that parents use to help keep track of their children, and ironically those same devices can be used against them to send their information of where they're children are at, or perhaps messages to the parents that are not quite the messages the children would be using," Patrick said, "Children's privacy laws require that devices that are being marketed to children have a privacy policy, and if the parents can't find a privacy policy with the device that their children have, the BBB recommends getting a different device."

You can watch That full interview above.

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