Baby finishes 50-state road trip in Alaska

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Evelyn Woods is not even 5 months old, but she’s seen more of the United States than most of us probably ever will.

Evelyn hit 50 states on Friday when she finally reached Alaska. (Courtesy Jenna and Ryan Woods)

She landed in Alaska with her family Friday, officially checking off all 50 states from her list.

“Taking a 50-state road trip was on our bucket list and we figured if we didn’t do it now, then it might never happen,” said Jenna Woods, Evelyn’s mother.

Jenna Woods and her husband Ryan Woods wanted family across the United States to meet their daughter. That’s the idea that started their RV adventure.

The Los Angeles couple owned a distillery as well as a shaved ice and coffee house. They sold a few major assets, like Ryan Woods’ Pontiac GTO and bought the RV which would be their home throughout the road trip.

They said that if Evelyn was like other babies, they couldn’t have reached their goal.

“We lucked out with the easiest baby on the planet,” Jenna Woods said. “She is such a wonderful traveler.”

Evelyn’s pictures on the family’s Facebook page don’t lie. The baby is constantly smiling and laughing, and her parents said that she has become accustomed to life on the road.

Even though the family has seen all 50 states, they feel like there is still more to see. The Woods are already planning their next cross-country road trip where they hope to spend more time in each state

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