Back-to-back arson cases leave Anchorage business owners on edge

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Two Anchorage restaurants catch fire, both cases of arson. Add to that another recent arson nearby that even got the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives involved, and you might understand why local business owners in the area have been left feeling on edge.

"Since they came back twice, I am on pins and needles," said Donald Causey, owner of Silva Saddle Western Wear. "I don't want my livelihood destroyed by an arson."

Silva Saddle is a stone's throw from Yakitori Sushi and Noodle World, two restaurants housed in the same building and set on fire in Midtown Anchorage this week.

Yakitori Sushi could be seen aflame on Monday morning, and Noodle World was lit up Thursday. Fencing was being put up the same day around the building that they and a local liquor store share.

[WATCH: Noodle World goes up in flames, caught on camera Thursday morning]

Both incidents have been deemed by officials as cases of arson, but haven't been said to be connected.

"I have heard questions in the community about, 'Is there a serial arsonist around?'" said Fire Marshal Cleo Hill of the Anchorage Fire Department. "And at this time, we have nothing that indicates that, at all."

Still, those who own nearby businesses aren't at ease. All but one declined to comment for this story.

"I was upset Monday when we came to work, but wasn't concerned or nervous," Causey said, "except when it happened again today.

"I was thinking about spending the night here," he said, "just to watch the building."

[VIDEO: Surveillance footage shows arson suspects fleeing Yakitori Sushi fire]

Fire officials and police are asking that if any member of the public has information that might be useful in the investigation, to please contact them.

Neither the owners of Yakitori Sushi nor owners of Noodle World returned requests for comment Thursday.

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