Beat changes and a chatty police department, Anchorage police make changes in patrols to curb crime

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) — Senior Patrol Officer Brian Fuchs is a guy who can deescalate tense situations quickly, calling someone 'bro' or telling a man threatening to kill his brother to 'chill out man,' and the person does.

His favorite area to patrol is Mountain View.

"There's a lot of really good in that community, a lot of good families, people trying to make it just like everybody else out there," Fuchs said, "and they have a right to have good police services, and that's what we try to do."

Anchorage police officers are assigned to their patrols based on community council lines. The goal is that officers and the people who live in the neighborhoods they patrol will get to know each other better, officers will see patterns in crimes, and people will have more positive interactions with police.

Police officers assigned to an area will also attend community council meetings.

"We're really trying to get the patrol officers to connect more with the community," said Capt. Sean Case, commander of the patrol division.

While a Channel 2 reporter rode along, Fuchs responded to a trespassing call, a report of a prowler, and assisted medics who needed help dealing with an aggressive man who needed to be taken to the hospital.

Driving through Mountain View, he rolled the windows down next to an abandoned building and told workers there to triple check that plywood couldn't be pulled off the broken windows.

"Help me out, brother," Fuchs yelled.

A friendlier APD, Case says, will result in more cooperation between police and residents.

"We want to provide the community with some data that's very specific to that community council district," Case said, "What's going on in the area, what kind of crimes are happening, they get information from a lot of different places."

Fuchs says he's excited about the change and he's already seeing results.

"This is really the wave of the future for Anchorage and for the Anchorage Police Department," Fuchs said.

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