Berkowitz maintains early lead with second election ballots tallied

Current Mayor, Ethan Berkowitz (left), and new candidate for Anchorage mayor, Rebecca Logan (right).
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Update - April 4, 2018:
Incumbent Mayor Ethan Berkowtiz continues to lead the mayoral race, after the second set of results were released on Wednesday evening. By approximately 4:30 p.m., Berkowtiz has 32,191 votes. In contrast, challenger Rebecca Logan has 20,997 votes.

Since Tuesday, the difference in votes between the top two candidates has increased, from a gap of 10,692 votes to 11,194 votes.

As of Wednesday evening, an additional 8,236 votes were tallied – bringing voter turnout to 58,742, according to MOA. This makes up 26.8 percent of Anchorage's total registered voters.

[See KTUU's graph of vote results here, as they come in]

Original Story - April 3, 2018:
The first set of results for the 2018 Municipal election has been released, and at first count, incumbent Mayor Ethan Berkowtiz leads the race to lead the state's largest city with 28,233 votes. Challenger Rebecca Logan has 17,541 votes.

The release of vote counts just before 9:00 p.m. tallies 50,506 ballots, which is 23.13 percent of the number of registered voters in Anchorage.

Berkowitz addressed his supporters at a gathering at Flat Top Pizza Tuesday evening, thanking them for supporting his campaign, and Anchorage.

"Three years ago I stood on this table," he said from atop a table at the restaurant, "and I said that this is our Anchorage, and it is our Anchorage, and the charge that we have is to make this place the place that it's supposed to be."

Logan said she wasn't sure what the numbers meant, with 13,000 outstanding ballots just from what had come in by Tuesday afternoon. Earlier in the day the division of elections said about 63,000 ballots were received. Just over 50,000 were tallied by Tuesday night.

'They're about 13,000 short of what they said they had today that they have up there, so we'll wait and see tomorrow I guess what comes in," Logan said.

She said she wasn't questioning the validity of the numbers, though. "I don't have any cause for concern yet. I think they got behind a little bit in their processing, and they were very truthful about that," Logan said.

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