Big Lake dance team sweeps national competition

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Months of hard work and practice has paid off for a local dance team who made it to the big stage at a national competition in Utah.

The Rock on Cloggers from About Dance, Big Lake, sweep national clogging competition in Layton, Utah. (Courtesy All About Dance)

We first brought you the story back in February, of this local non-profit dance studio geared toward low-income students with their eyes set on the national stage, but needing help with the funds to get there.

The Rock on Cloggers from All About Dance in Big Lake made it to the competition and took home a clean sweep.

Friday, we caught up with the team as they showed off their skills as guest performers at Bear Tooth Theatrepub, for Tap Studio's 4th Annual National Tap Day Celebration and Recital, where they performed one of their national routines.

"It was pretty great because we're smaller than the other groups at the national competition, and we got a lot of comments that we were louder and more together than some of the others too, and it was pretty cool," said dance team member Siccila Smith.

"Most people were pretty surprised when we told them that we were from Alaska because that's not usually where you see people coming from," added dance team member Sarah Grigsby.

The Rock on Cloggers took home 40 first-place and two second-place team dances and solos, from the America on Stage Clogging Nationals at Lagoon. The team of six is made up of Siccila Smith, Alexia Bayer, Sarah Grigsby, Adrianna Gearing, Savannah Fettes, and Angela Houser. They say they were thrilled to represent the Last Frontier.

"It felt pretty great to go against a lot of people around the country and actually show off what we can do in Alaska," Bayer said.

Grigsby, Smith, Houser and Gearing were all recognized as high point Junior All Americans. Grigsby received a master soloist title, and both Bayer and Fettes walked away with superstar soloist titles.

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