Bikes, brews and a bakery: New 'trendy' development project in South Anchorage

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Bikes, brews and a bakery; it’s all coming soon at a development site in South Anchorage.

The plot of land off 91st Ave. and King Street is currently the site of Anchorage Brewing Co., but owner Gabe Fletcher and his friend Ralfy Quepons thought it could be so much more.

“We were standing outside and said ‘Jeez, we should just put the shop and everything there,’ and that’s how it happened,” said Quepons, who plans to open an auto shop focusing on restoring and repairing German vehicles.

In addition to the new auto shop, the new project, currently under construction, will have a new indoor cycle studio called Vib Cycle, and Fire Island Bakery will open a third location, according to Quepons. It will be right behind where Anchorage Brewing Co., operates.

King Street Brewing Co. will also open a second, much larger location in the area but is not apart of the development project.

“I half jokingly asked Ralfy to set aside a space for a cycle studio and he said, 'Okay,' so here we are,” said Jacenda Fletcher, a former cycle instructor at Anchorage Cycle.

“I think it’s bringing something exciting to the South side of town, most of the things like this are Downtown or Midtown area, so just bringing a little bit more variety to the South Side,” Quepons said.

Quepons says the new development will be a trendy destination for South Anchorage residents. He’s calling the project “The Culmination Building.”

“It’s totally a destination spot, it’s a place where you can start out your morning to get a great workout, you can go over to Fire Island Bakery and grab some healthy treats also,” said Jacenda. “And then grab a beer at the brewery all while getting your car worked on.”

Quepons hopes the development will be finished in March.

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