Mama means business... get away from my cubs! Black bear sow chases brown bear

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ANCHORAGE, AK. Bears are awake and starting to roam some Anchorage neighborhoods, and some sows have cubs in town.

Black bear-Chugach Peaks Photogrpahy 5-12-18

A Glen Alps resident caught an amazing wildlife encounter this past weekend between two bears.

This one involved a black bear sow with a couple of cubs, spotted on security video several times at Joe and Brooke Connolly's home.

She passes by the camera, but the next few photos show the sow spotting the brown bear, and giving chase in defense of her cubs.

Connolly says the brown bear "must have been 2-3 times bigger than her, but she was determined and won!" He says the chase was getting close to the Glen Alps parking low, but the brown bear turned and ran into the forest.

And a word of caution...with the leaves popping open people want to get out on the trails and mountains. Bear with cubs, hungry bears and even moose with calves, can be very dangerous this time of year.

The photos were taken from the safety of a vehicle, the photographer has long lenses, so no unnecessary risks were taken.

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