Buildings threatened by large ice pack in Kotzebue

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Large ice blankets threatened the village of Kotzebue overnight. In a video sent in by KTUU viewer Drew Nanouk, you can see two front loaders trying to push the ice pack back into the water as fast as they can, but the ice continues to build up, pushing them back instead.

In the photos, you can see more damage to surrounding buildings and property. The village has around 3,000 people.

Officials with the National Weather Service say this is a very unique event. An event like this occurs when loose pack ice, winds, and the tide line up, officials say. In this case, the event was river-driven not wind-driven in the Kotzebue Sound.

These cycles can last as long as there is a tide pushing the ice up. Tides run on 6-hour cycles. The Ice Desk says it has estimated the ice was moving about 6 inches a second.

So far there have been no reports of injury.

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