Businesses are offering sales after the earthquake to give back to the community

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - It’s a circle of giving. Locals hoping to support small businesses that may have suffered losses during the quake, and business wanting to support their community.

Marcie Nelson, the owner of AK Starfish And Co says, “That's why we are here: 16 years of Alaskan love.”

Nelson says the aftermath was devastating.

One of their top selling products are Hydro Flask water bottles and they brought in about 400 for the holiday season.

The quake caused a quarter of their Hydro Flasks to hit the ground, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Fortunately, the owner got creative.

"I was very concerned about the amount of damage and that we weren't going to be able to replace them in time for Christmas. So I did a post on Facebook and Instagram and I called these the 'Quaked collection' and our customers were asking for them and saying ‘hey can we buy those dented Hydros.’ So we did 7 dollars off all of the Hydros," says Nelson.

Marcie says she got calls from across Alaska and the lower 48 wanting the quaked bottles. They were customers wanting a piece of the history and also wanting to support their local business after the devastation. Marcie sold almost all of the quaked bottles, but still has a few left you can pick up in the store

Evie Bear runs Zen Zone Alaska out of her home and offers meditation and relaxation services when she is not working as a nurse.

Her sound therapy sessions are discounted until December 21 as her way of getting the community back to normal, one relaxed person at a time.

She uses the ancient eastern medicine technique of song bowls to help ease away any earthquake tension.

“Earthquakes are very emotionally disturbing event and when we are stresses out body releases a stress hormone, adrenaline cortisol, so I think it's a time when everybody wants to feel more secure and grounded so I just thought this is perfect time to do this for the community, to get the word out there that relaxing is what we all need right now,” says Bear.

If you need a little relaxation after the quake you can find Zen Zone Alaska here.

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