Businesswoman Kikkan Randall joins the board of The Alaska Club

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) As a gold medalist and as a five-time Olympian, Kikkan Randall is an athlete of the highest order. Now in her post-competition career she’s hoping to learn how to bring that same drive to the business world as Kikkan joins the board of The Alaska Club.

It’s one of the early steps in a process Randall herself describes as “learning to be a normal person.”

While her status as an Alaskan icon and her dominance on the ski trail have opened up this opportunity, it’s her ancillary experiences along the way that could make this a good pairing. Alaska Club CEO Robert Brewster is already singing Kikkan’s praises after just a few meetings. “We have been extremely impressed by her business acumen, we knew that she was going to be outstanding in that role based on the experience she had in the IOC and the USOC and her leadership with other various athletic counsels,” said Brewster.

There will be a learning curve to this transition for Randall. After her first two days meeting with the board Kikkan says “initially it’s been just asking a bunch of questions, what does that acronym mean? and posing those questions so that I can understand better.”

The exciting part for this cross country mainstay is that there is a lot of crossover, not only with her own sport but with what she’s learned about living an active lifestyle throughout her life. Kikkan says “It’s nice to know that I can take all that experience of pursing athletics at a really high level and now taking it into a business setting like the Alaska Club where I can learn from people who’ve been successful in this industry.”

It’s now Randall’s job to take what she learned on those two thin planks into one big board room as she switches from athlete to businesswoman, though, you can probably expect that competitive spirit to remain.

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