Buzzing beehives! It's spring in Alaska!

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The sound of little wings buzzing through the air in the search for pollen -- that's what Barbara Bachmeier hears when she is out amongst her hives. And she was successful in keeping her hive alive all winter long.

(Courtesy Barbara Bachmeier)

“Many people assert that honey bees cannot be overwintered in Alaska and/or other cold climates. My colonies have overwintered successfully and are returning to their hives with pollen,“ Bachmeier wrote to Channel 2.

Her bees are already finding flowering plants, enough to come back with for the baby bees, she says.

"These honey bees are out of over-winter torpor and are flying around in search of fresh pollen. You can see that they have discovered flowers in bloom in east Anchorage already! The pollen will be fed to the larvae in order to (ensure) an adequate number of worker bees and the continued success of the colony," she wrote.

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