Camp Fire Alaska celebrates some absolutely incredible Anchorage kids

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Camp Fire Alaska celebrated Absolute Incredible Kid day, an initiative founded in 1997 by Camp Fire National.

O'Malley Elementary Site Director, Nichole Boyden, said it's a day to tell their kids how awesome, incredible, amazing and important they are. Every kid at all of its sites will receive a letter that staff and some teachers have been writing for weeks.

"They're really thoughtfully written and use very powerful words to tell them and share with them how important they are," said Boyden.

She enjoys being an important adult in a kid's life saying not every kid has someone they can turn to.

"I know when I'm here, I'm making an impact on youth and their families and we're providing a service here," said Boyden.

Camp Fire is a national non-profit organization serving more than 187,000 youth and families across 25 states and Washington D.C.

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