Car thieves target pickup trucks in school parking lots

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Several trucks have been stolen out of high school parking lots recently.

According to the principal at South High School, three pickup trucks have been stolen during lunchtime at the school over the past three weeks. One was stolen Thursday and an attempt was made on a second truck. The principal says vehicles were also stolen at Service High School.

"Just kind of sucks know it can be stolen out of the parking lot when you're in school," Brandt Hultberg who's truck was broken into this week.

"They stuck a screw driver in it to start it," Hultberg said about the damage he found inside his truck, "and they didn't get mine all the way and broke it and that's why mine wasn't stolen, but then the person right next to me had theirs stolen."

Anchorage Police say the thieves hit big parking lots like you'd find at a hospital, school or office, all across town.

Chevy pick-up trucks, made in the 90's and early 2000's are stolen the most, according to police.

APD says that through January and February of this year, 738 vehicles have been stolen, but officials point to a recovery rate of 94 percent for 2017.

"I'll probably have to park closer to the school," Hultberg said, "and I know that kids that have Chevy's are kind of scared of their’s getting broken into."

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