Chaplains in need of money for flags to honor veterans, first responders

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains are seeking donations to help fund flags to honor veterans and first responders.

After a death, the chaplains try to drape the body of a veteran or first responder with a flag to honor them as they leave a home or hospital.

"I'm telling you: when the United States flag shows up or is present, there's a sense of pride and honor there,” said Chief Chaplain Diane Diane Peterson.

Peterson said the flag often brings comfort to loved ones after a death.

“It’s important to our families,” said Peggy Bergstrom, a volunteer chaplain. “Pride. Honor. This was an important person that did an important job. We need to honor them.”

Bergstrom and Peterson said that funeral homes are no longer able to provide the flags like they used to.

As a nonprofit, the chaplains said they have a hard time coming up with the funds for the flags, which run more than $100 each.

"I was out on a case a couple of weeks ago where there was a 20-year veteran who had expired,” Bergstrom said. “And we didn't have a flag for them. It was sad."

If you would like to sponsor a flag, you can donate to the Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains website.

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