City wants to waive re-zoning fees for senior center

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - In a state where the senior population is growing at a rate faster than the rest of the country, the demand for adequate housing keeps on rising.

It’s no exception for the Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center, which currently has a waiting list of 100 people for various services.

For years, the center has been looking to expand to meet the high demand for housing, but a recent change to the city’s Title 21 land use code has prevented the construction of additional units.

Before 2014, the three parcels of land used by the center were legally zoned for the use of the senior center and related housing projects. However in January of 2014, the changes to the land use code prevented the type of structure the center wanted to build.

Rezoning application fees could potentially cost the facility nearly $30,000 but a proposal in front of the Anchorage Assembly brought forth by the mayor’s office is asking the body to waive that fee for the non-profit in an amount not to exceed $27,251.

“It’s huge, actually,” said Linda Hendrickson, executive director of the center. “That’s a mountain of money for a non-profit so yeah that’s a huge, huge benefit to not have to pay that.”

The ordinance will be introduced at Tuesday’s assembly meeting with action expected December 5. If passed, Chugiak Senior Citizens, Inc., the management corporation for the senior center, will be responsible for bringing forth the rezone application.

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