Cloudier, cooler and windier today in Anchorage

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 9:54 AM AKDT
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Mostly cloudy in Anchorage on Wednesday with a high of 64 degrees.

Our main weather player for the next few days are storms working their way across Kodiak Island and into the rest of Southcentral and the Gulf Coast including the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage Bowl, and Valleys. As storms move inland changing up our atmospheric pressure, we will see strong winds and gusts persist for Turnagain Arm as well as winds making their (bending into) way into Anchorage on Wednesday.

Kodiak could see up to 2" of rain before these storms move off on Thursday. Storm flow out of the east will also bring significant rainfall to Whittier, with lesser amounts for Seward, while the Anchorage Bowl should see drier conditions due to mountain protection. The winds we see could be Gale Force (39-54 mph) in some locations.

For the extended period, Saturday through Tuesday, as storms remain in place over the Alaska Peninsula for an extended period of time, this will result in storm energy continuing to move into the southern Mainland, which will likely keep cooler, wetter conditions in place through the weekend.

While the pattern doesn't change all that much by the end of the weekend, there may be a period of improved conditions for the start of the next work week when high pressure over the Yukon attempts to build in from the east. Storms should continue to move into the Gulf for the early part of next week sometime Monday into Tuesday.

Mostly cloudy skies for Wednesday in Anchorage as temps warm up to 64 degrees with variable 10 mph winds but up to 40 mph along Turnagain Arm as well as in higher elevations. Mostly cloudy Wednesday night with a low of 49 degrees. Winds will be out of the east from 10-15 mph ut up to 30 mph along Turnagain Arm as well as in higher elevations.

Mostly cloudy skies for Thursday in Anchorage as we warm up to 65 degrees with light winds but up to 20 mph along Turnagain Arm as well as in higher elevations. Cloudy Thursday night with a low of 48 degrees and light winds.

Looking ahead, we will be cloudy on Friday with light winds while we warm up to 65 degrees for a high.

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