Clouds and sun along with possible showers today

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU)- Partly cloudy to partly sunny skies in Anchorage on Friday with a high of 64 degrees.

Storms continue to move from north to south across Southcentral while thunderstorms will become more favorable on Friday afternoon and evening when storm energy combines with the daytime heating of the sun.

These changes will increase even as far south as the Kenai Peninsula including the Anchorage area. Add small hail into the criteria as well. Sea breezes will be present along the coasts, especially for Kachemak Bay and Resurrection Bay Friday afternoon and evening.

Saturday is looking at the same conditions as storm energy continues to push down from the Interior though not as strong as Friday's storms. Temperatures will continue to warm slowly over the next few days with much of the area in the '60s, while some 70-degree temperatures are even possible in the Copper River Basin and the Susitna Valley especially in areas where the sun peeks out.

For the extended period, Monday through Thursday, we are expecting high pressure over southwestern Alaska while storm energy moves out of the east and across Southcentral. This generally the kind of weather that we see in early June that does often bring some afternoon and evening showers along with a few thunderstorms. Temperatures will continue to stay at or slightly above average in the low to mid 60's.

We will be partly cloudy to partly sunny on Friday in Anchorage with a high of 64 degrees. Don't rule out a shower or two Friday and Saturday as the sun heats us up and mixes with storm energy moving down from the north. Partly cloudy for Friday night with a low of 50 degrees and winds out of the southwest at 15 mph reducing to 10 mph after Midnight.

Partly sunny skies for Saturday with light winds and high of 64 degrees. Saturday night we drop down to 47 degrees while under partly cloudy skies with 10 mph winds.

Looking ahead, we will be mostly sunny early but turning partly cloudy on Sunday with light winds and a high of 65 degrees.

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