Cold sticks around the Interior through Wednesday

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Temperatures dropped in Fairbanks to -34 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday as clear skies dominated much of the region. The cold will continue -- and likely deepen -- through midweek.

A few clouds are expected to move through the eastern Interior on Sunday which will allow temperatures to warm up, possibly to the teens below zero. By late Monday, those clouds will have thinned and temperatures will once again drop to between -15F and -40F through Wednesday.

Overall, winds remain light through the Interior but wind chills continue to be a danger. A Wind Chill Advisory is in place for Deltana and Tanana Flats starting Sunday morning and lasting through Tuesday morning. Wind chills are likely to reach -40F. Deadhorse is reporting wind chills of -52F as of 8:00 p.m. Saturday.

While temperatures at the Fairbanks Airport reached that -34F mark, higher elevations nearby were above zero as a temperature inversion covers the city.

Though much of the Interior is getting at least a few hours of daylight and some sunshine, the sun’s angle is too low to have any effect on the temperatures. Temperatures are controlled by other factors including cloud cover and wind.

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