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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Anchorage will warm up to 68 degrees on Wednesday with partly cloudy skies.

Today as high pressure slowly weakens and moves off our forecast will revolve around thunderstorm chances, influence from clouds and fog along the coast, and the norm for many weeks the smoke from the burning fires. High-pressure ridging has moved far enough to the west to allow for the sun's daytime heating of the atmosphere to produce pop-up thunderstorm chances. However, at the moment there is not enough storm energy in our airflow, so any activity will remain both isolated and over higher terrain (confined to mountain locations). Mainly centered on the Talkeetna Mountains through portions of the Chugach.

Partly cloudy in Anchorage on Wednesday with some areas of smoke while we warm up to 68 degrees. Wednesday night we drop down to 57 degrees while under partly cloudy skies becoming mostly cloudy with areas of smoke.

Mostly cloudy on Thursday with some areas of smoke while we see a high of 67 degrees. Plus our winds change from light to out of the southwest from 10-20 mph. Thursday night we drop down to 57 degrees while under mostly cloudy skies with some areas of smoke.

Looking ahead, Anchorage will be mostly cloudy on Friday with a high of 66 degrees with some areas of smoke.

Fire Weather for Southcentral: Red Flag Warnings have been issued for the Copper River Basin. Expect thunderstorms to favor the terrain on Wednesday, then become more widespread across the Basin on Thursday. The low-levels remain fairly dry in this pattern, which means dry thunderstorms will be possible. The Gulf or marine layer of clouds and fog will try and make a push-up Cook Inlet tonight (Wednesday night). Overall, it should make for cooler temperatures and higher daytime relative humidity's as well as limiting the sun's daytime heating from bringing us some pop-up showers.

Fire Weather for The Southwest: Our very hot and dry days are over for now as the ridge of high pressure gradually shifts off to the west over the next couple of days. The capping (smoke trapping) inversion will weaken and allow the realization of much of the potential energy as the sun heats up the atmosphere with weaker high pressure not enough to inhibit this activity. Thus, expect an increase in showers and thunderstorms over the next few days. The most unstable day looks to be today (Wednesday), with widely scattered to scattered thunderstorms expected across much of Interior Southwest Alaska. Red Flag Warnings have been issued for the high amount of expected lightning and resultant potential for new fire starts. Conditions will stabilize a bit on Thursday due to more cloud cover and cooler temperatures, leading to a decrease in thunderstorm coverage. This trend looks to continue as we head to the end of the week.

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