Cooler and cloudier today but don't worry because it will not last very long

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Highs in the mid 60's on Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies.

Low pressure storms continue to rotate around the area on Tuesday, bringing some instability, moisture, clouds, wind and rain to Southcentral. As we head into tomorrow (Wednesday), high pressure will begin to build over the Prince William Sound region and Copper River Basin. This should usher in the beginning of clearer skies and warmer temperatures for a few days..

Mostly cloudy to cloudy on Tuesday in Anchorage with a high near 65 degrees. Tuesday night we drop down to 51 degrees while under mostly cloudy skies.

Partly cloudy early on Wednesday but turning mostly sunny later in the day with a high of 67 degrees. Wednesday night we drop down to 54 degrees while under mostly clear skies.

Looking ahead, Anchorage will be mostly sunny on Thursday while under mostly sunny skies.

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