DATA VIZ: Top 25 Pick.Click.Give recipients in 2017

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Data is sourced from Pick.Click.Give. This list of pledges, reported from the State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division, reflects reports up until April 3.

Average dollar amounts pledged, per donor, was calculated by dividing the total pledged amount, by the total amount of donors, per organization.

The listed pledges are as reported from the State of Alaska PFD Division, as of April 3.

Check out the interactive data visualization to:
- Examine which nonprofit organizations made the 2017 Top 25 Pick.Click.Give. recipients list.
- Examine how the Top 25 recipients rank against each another, by total and average pledged amounts and total donors.
- Examine which types of causes were most popular to donate to, among the Top 25 recipients.
- And examine past pledges made to this year's Top 25, between 2009 and 2016.

Alaskans pledged $2.7 million to 668 Alaskan nonprofit organizations, in 2017, according to Pick.Click.Give. data.

According to Sofia Fouquet, program manager of Pick.Click.Give., of those who field for a Permanent Fund Dividend, 4.8 percent gave through the Pick.Click.Give. Charitable Giving program.

The greatest amount of pledges went to Alaska Public Media, at $125,950. And with 1,656 donors, each individual donor contributed an average of $76.06 to the organization.

The organization with the greatest amount of donors was Beans Cafe: The Children's Lunchbox, at 1,723 donors. Additionally, Beans Cafe received the third-most amount of pledges, at $105,775.

And the organization with the highest average dollar amount of pledges, per donor, was the Catholic Social Service's Brother Francis Shelter. The shelter had an average of $89.47 per donor. Overall, the organization received $65,225 through Pick.Click.Give, ranking sixth in total donations.

This year, humanitarian-type causes and animal-type causes were most popular, making up 56 percent of the Top 25 listed organizations.

Take a chance to explore the data visualization, above, to see for yourself how Alaskans donated their money.

This list of pledges, reported from the State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division, reflects reports up until April 3, according to Fouquet. She says that Alaskans still have an opportunity to make pledges and adjustments, until August 31.

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