Dallas Seavey demands drug test results from race organizers

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Following a controversy which rocked the sled dog racing community in Alaska, four-time Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey has "made a formal demand" to race organizers for the positive drug test results of his dogs.

The musher is at the center of the controversy after his dogs tested positive for a prohibited opioid following the 2017 Iditarod race.

Seavey said the day after he was identified as the musher whose team had tested positive. "They (food drop bags) are not secured. They are not protected. When we pull into a checkpoint, there's bags lined up out on the river ice. Now, we all want to believe that we're all honest and upright, but that's not the case. It would be so easy to inject something into these bags."

The Iditarod Trail Committee has since said it is looking at possible security improvements.

Now, weeks later, Seavey is making what he calls a "formal demand" to officials with the Iditarod Trail Committee, that they turn over the results of the dogs which tested positive for the banned substance.

“This effort isn’t just to clear my name. The outcome of this is important to every musher, every dog, our fans, our sport, and our sponsors,” Seavey said in a statement issued Friday.

In the demand, Seavey pointed out "problems" he sees with the allegations. "Every musher is very aware of drug testing and also knowledgeable that Tramadol is easily detected," Seavey said.

Seavey also said in the statement that the transparency of the testing process, test methodology, chain of custody of samples, and results from the ITC must be made public.

A statement from the ITC on Oct. 23, before Seavey was named, laid out the chain of custody from the test to the laboratory.

Seavey's statement said the ITC has received his request for the test results.

The Iditarod Trail Committee did not immediately respond to Channel 2 calls and emails Tuesday afternoon.

This story will be updated as more information is gathered.

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