Dash-cam video of near-collision prompts DOT warning about Seward Hwy

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A viral dash-cam video showing a sedan making a dangerous pass on the Seward Highway earlier this month prompted a warning from the Department of Transportation about summer weekend traffic.

“A significant portion of the summertime crashes that occur between Anchorage and Turnagain Hills are caused by Anchorage bound drivers on Sunday afternoons,” DOT wrote in a Facebook Post.

Channel 2 spoke with several drivers stopped at Beluga Point Sunday afternoon. Many of them said narrow following distances, and dangerous passes, are issues they’ve seen on the Seward Highway before.

“We've had a few close calls,” said Brad Underwood who was on his way to Girdwood. “Nothing too serious, but we've had people pass us on blind curves and that sort of thing.”

“I think it's just a matter of people trying to go way too fast when it's just a two lane,” said Kelsie Shay, who was driving up to Anchorage. “Everybody wants to pass but when you're trying to pass and there's cars coming at you, I don't think people really think about how dangerous it is.”

DOT says it’s important for driver’s to stay patient.

“Expect that your trip may take longer due to heavier traffic, be considerate of other drivers and make passes safely, when and IF you have enough room to complete them.”

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